WOD 7/9/14

Back Squat: 3 x 5 (%70-80% of max) Then… 12 min AMRAP: 15 Push Press, 115/75 15 Box Jumps, 24″/20″ 15 Toes 2 Bar Then… For Time: 800m Run Tire Flipping Tripp            

WOD 7/8/14

EMOM 7 Minutes 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Push Jerk Then…… 10 Minute Ladder 1 Power Clean 205/145 1 Ring Muscle Up 2 Power Cl 2 Ring Muscle Ups 3 Power Cl 3 Ring Muscle Ups ……….. Then…. 400m Sprint Happy birthday to Diet Koch!!

WOD 7/7/14

Tire Flipping –  3 min max effort flip of the tire of your choice. Then… ::30 Minutes:: Complete as many  3 min AMRAPS w/2 min rest after each one. 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats Work as fast as possible through each 3 min AMRAP  

WOD 7/6/14

10 am- Open Gym only, No Olympic Lifting class 11 am- Endurance 12 Noon- Yoga Endurance WOD CFWC Triathlon 2000m Row 2 Mile Run 250 Double Unders

WOD 7/5/14

10 min to work up to a heavy Snatch Then.. 5 Rounds of 3 min Intervals (2 min break between intervals) 200m Run 1. Max KB Swings   2. Max Pull-ups   3. Max Wall Ball Shots   4.Max Box Jumps   5.Max burpees Broke Leg Meg      

WOD 7/4/04 – 10am Class Only!

10am Class Only! In Teams of 4: 2 people work at a time With a Pet Rock, 70lb/53lb For Time: 300 Pullups 400m Run, 70/53 400 Pushups 400m Run, 70/53 500 Situps 400m run, 70/53 600 Double Unders 400m Run, 70/53      

WOD 7/3/14

10 Min EMOM – AHAP Power Clean Hang Squat Clean Push Press Push Jerk Then: 3 Rounds 30 OH Walk Lunge with 45/25 12 Dead Lift 245/165 12 Ring Dips 30 Lateral Hops over bar Post Loads and times to Comments:

WOD 7/2/14

Skill AMRAP 7 minutes 10 Single leg Squats, Alt Legs 25 ft Handstands Walks Then…. 3 Rounds: 15 Power Cleans, 135/95 200m Run 12 C2b Pullups 200m Run 9 Box Jump, 30/24 Ladies Burnout Racer Tanks are Here!  

WOD 7/1/14

Front Squat 3-3-3 Then….. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Thruster 135/95 Burpee Cash Out: 400m Run   Fudalalalala brought out the old school singlet for Saturday’s lifting meet.  He attended Council Rock High School back in the 1800’s

WOD 6/30/14

7 min E.M.O.M Snatch grip Deadlift  + Hang squat Snatch + Full squat snatch   “Tabata Something Else” Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. 8 intervals of Alternating Kettlebell Snatches 53/35 8 intervals of Kettlebell Swings 8 intervals of Alternating Box Step-ups w/ KB 8 intervals of Waiter

WOD 6/29/14

10 am- Olympic Lifting with Coach Ryan 11 am- Endurance WOD 12 Noon- Yoga Endurance WOD AMRAP 30 Minutes 30 Double Unders 15 Sit ups 10 Pullups 5 OHS 115/75 *You must row 1000m X2 at some point during the workout*   The calm before the lifting meet at CFWC.  Thank you so much to

WOD 6/28/14 – Fundraiser Today!

NO CLASSES TODAY! Today is the CFWC Fundraiser!  We are raising money to get your very own CFWC ladies (Jenny, Nikki, Kim, Emily) and their coach Ryan to Salt Lake City for the USA Weightlifting Nationals! It is an honor to have 4 women qualify from the same gym! *We are doing a non-sanctioned Olympic

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