WOD 12/11/13

  5 Minute EMOM: 3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk, AHAP Then… 3 Rounds 50 Air Squats 7 Wall Climbs 10 Deadlifts, 225/155 New Camo Hooded Sweatshirts available for online ordering only (pink available for women) CLICK HERE  

WOD 12/10/13

Front Squat 3-3-3 (3 second pauses at bottom of each) Then…. 3 Rounds of 3 minute AMRAPs AMRAP 3 minutes 2 Ring Muscle Ups (sub 5 ring dips or 5 paralette dips) 3 Power Snatches 115/85 5 OHS 115/85 3 Minute rest between each round Cherie hitting some backsquats      

WOD 12/9/13

Row 1000m 30 Ground to Overhead 135/95 30 Toes to Bar *Coaches rotate people through on the rowers* Then….. 3 Rounds 50 Double Unders 20 KB Swing 53/35 20 Push ups *Coaches, have a running clock.  People may start with either wod, then switch.   Enjoy the snow!      

WOD 12/8/13

9am: Yoga 10am: Olympic Lifting Class 11am: Endurance 30 Min AMRAP: Every 5 Minutes…. 15 Burpees 10 Pullups 15 Jumping Squats w/bar 20 DU Shower demo has begun.

WOD 12/7/13

8am – Beginners 9am- All Levels 10am- Open Gym Power Snatch: 3-3-3 Then… 21-15-9 Power Snatch, 115lb/85lb Ring Dips Box Jumps, 24″/20″   Our members love hanging around (Fancy Nancy & the 7:30am All Stars during Partner Friday)  

WOD 12/6/13

5 Min EMOM: 3 Front Squats 2 Jerks Then… “Wacky Wiser Partner Friday” For Time: (share reps w/partner) 60 C2B Pullups 100ft Wheel Barrow walks 40 Pistols 100ft Wheel Barrow walks 20 Front Squats, 185/135 100Ft Wheel Barrow Walks 5 Rope Climbs 100ft Wheel Barrow Walks Everyone needs a Phil. Thanks for everything you do!

WOD 12/5/13

Deadlift 15 min find 2 rep max Deadlift ( touch and go 🙂 ) Then: 12 Min running clock 800 Meter run followed by Diane ladder Diane Ladder (225#/155#) 1 Deadlift 1 Handstand Pushup 2 Deadlift 2 Handstand Pushup 3 Deadlift 3 HandStand Pushups etc etc…..get as far a possible in the remaining 12 min.

WOD 12/4/13

15 minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch (touch & go) Then… For Time: 3 Rounds: 15 Burpees 200m run 12 pullups 200m run 9 snatches, 135/95 Our Holiday party is next Thursday. Make sure you RSVP! If you didn’t get the invitation, please let us know    

WOD 12/3/13

15 Minutes to work up to heavy 2 rep clean max (touch and go) Annie (10Min cap) 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit Ups Then…. Kelly (3 Rounds) (15 Min cap) 400m Run 30 Box Jumps 24/20 30 Wall Balls 20/14   Devon P, goin for it on the rower at Test Your Metal  

WOD 12/2/13

5 x L/R One arm Bench Press.  A new Movement but not a new movement pattern.  Weights will be challenged by core stability/ability   3 Rounds for time: 53/35 lbs KB Complete the following complex ALL MOVEMENTS with Left Arm then complete ALL MOVEMENTS with the Right Arm. 3 Russian swings (this is a one

WOD 12/1/13

9am Yoga 10am Olympic Lifting 11am Endurance 3 Rounds: 800m Run 50 double unders 40 Situps 30 Wall Balls, 20/14 20 Burpees 10 Barbell Step-ups, 115/75 (20″/16″)   Thanks for supporting us where ever you go.    

WOD 11/30/13

WOD DEMO CLICK HERE 5 rounds for time of: 5 Hanging Ring Extensions (right arm + left arm = 1) 5 Forward Rolls 5 Backward Rolls Scale for the backward roll will be a Candle Stick Roll 10 Sots Press, 45 lbs Foose 14:55 RX’d 01/02/2012 Wiser DNF (he turned green) 🙂

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