WOD 8/13/13


WOD 8/13/13

9am: Yoga

10am: Open Gym

11am: Endurance

For Time:


200m Farmers Carry, 70/53 (single arm)

800m run

50 OHS, 75/45

30 Pull-ups

200m Farmers Carry (single arm)

400m run

50 Front Squats, 85/55

30 Pullups

200m Farmers Carry, (single arm)

200m run

50 Back Squats, 95/65

30 Pullups

*Less than 6 months of experience must scale to 30 squats per round


GAGA Announcing that it’s her birthday and she’ll WOD if she wants to!

In addition, Happy Birthday to Matt Giunta (who got a 20lb snatch PR Saturday!)

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