WOD 6/28/14 – Fundraiser Today!


WOD 6/28/14 – Fundraiser Today!


Today is the CFWC Fundraiser!  We are raising money to get your very own CFWC ladies (Jenny, Nikki, Kim, Emily) and their coach Ryan to Salt Lake City for the USA Weightlifting Nationals! It is an honor to have 4 women qualify from the same gym!

*We are doing a non-sanctioned Olympic Lifting meet for all levels (novice and experienced). Sign up on Zen Planner! If you have trouble, please contact us!

*We have 2 sessions or groups of 15 that are lifting.

*Session 1 will be from 10am – 12pm. Session 2 will be from 12noon – 2pm.

*Each Group will snatch (3 attempts/person) and then Clean & Jerk (3 attempts/person).

* Make sure you arrive 1 hour before your session begins so you can register and warm-up.

* If you are not lifting, please swing by and cheer on the lifters and hang out to support the cause. We will have refreshment tables set up so feel free to bring a side dish.

new group oly pic