WOD 6/27/14


WOD 6/27/14

Complete the following with a partner. 1 partner works at a time.

42 Deadlifts, 225lb/155lb

50  Planking Burpees (partner holds plank. Jump over partner)

30 deadlifts, 275lb/185lb

50 weighted push-ups, 45lb plate/ 25lb plate

18 deadlifts, 305lb / 205lb

50 HSPU (partner holds handstand)

Sign up on Zen Planner to secure your spot to lift this Saturday Or just come in to support everyone. All donations are greatly appreciated!

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  1. fancy 8.3

    It astonishes me how I can drag myself in this morning feeling decrepit ( thanks to last night’s WOD) and leave feeling so much better, not a day over 50.