WOD 1/7/13


WOD 1/7/13

Perform Ten 5 position Cleans. Try and increase each time, start with 70% 1RM Clean.
5 position Clean: 1st pos pull to knee, pause
2nd pos mid thigh, pause (hips should be back shoulders
should cover the bar)
3rd pos perform clean, pause where you catch the bar
4th pos from where you catch the bar Squat and pause
5th pos pause just above parallel from squat
The One Armed Man

15, 12, 9 reps of:
Thrusters (right arm)
Thrusters (left arm)
Ring row – One Arm (right)
Ring row – One arm (left)

1.5 pood for men/ 1 pood for women

Ring Height to be scaled to ability

Post total time.

Foose 11:37 RX January 2011

2 Responses

  1. Willie

    I really did like the pausing movements. It forced you to focus on each section of the movement and refine your positioning. By the 2-3rd set I began to “feel” when it was right.

    Thank you for that. I feel far more confident in the movement now than I did before.