WOD 10/22/12


WOD 10/22/12

For 10 min find a 1Rep Max Push Jerk.

3 Rounds for time
10 reps Push Press (65% of 1RM Push Press / Jerk)
10 Over-box jumps (Jump completely over the box or scale to touching the top of box as you jump) 20″/ 16″

Post time and loads to comments BTW take the ten minutes post warm-up and pre-WOD to work on a skill or movement of your choice.

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  1. Foose

    Know what your One Rep max is for your Push Press. No the jerk is not a push-press but you can estimate if that’s all you have to go on. We should be jerking about 30% more wait then what we push press…roughly. Yes there’s math. 1RM clean & jerk works as well. Most people are limited by the Jerk being able to clean far more than they can jerk alone. (Yes I wrote jerk alone). If you are awesome at everything and don’t have a particular thing you want to work on or are just super unimaginative or maybe just don’t feel like thinking today then test your 1RM Push press in the 10 min provided.