Barbells For Boobs


Barbells For Boobs

Thanks to everyone who donated, participated and came out to support at Barbells for Boobs! It was a great day with over 60 participants!! We raised over $700 just on Saturday morning alone! Congrats to all the winners!

Master’s Women: Janice Baker 4:41 Master’s Rx

Master’s Men: Ron Sutton from CFDV 3:01 Master’s Rx

Overall Female: Kim Dorito Loco Lewis 1:58 Rx
Sam Hart 2:12 RX
Dana Rutledge 3:23 RX

Overall Male: Frank The Tank Rever 2:04RX
El Wingador 2:06 RX
Brian Fellows Saviski 2:31RX

Pullup Contest: Jordan

Double Under Contest: The Blue Man

8 Responses

  1. jenny

    Bankus didn’t rx the Master’s weight, and yes, Dana did a lot of pull-ups, but I was only putting 1st place in our side contests. Thanks.

  2. jenny

    She did! But Jordan did 37 for the win. Bankus, I didn’t out you up there bc I didn’t have a weight for you. Did you do the Master’s Rx at 115?