Happy Birthday Janice!


Happy Birthday Janice!

56562_1553072621330_4997773_oJanice is one of our very 1st members and still with us today!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. fancy 8.3

    Happy Birthday Janice ! You were one of the first ( of many) people who made me feel so welcome at the box. I just watched a TED talk by social scientist Ann Cuddy about what our body language says about us, so it is especially cool that this photo shows you in such a power position.

  2. Honey Badger

    Have a great day Janice. I agree with Fancy. You are so welcoming and an awesome mentor in many regards. And I love your laugh! It is so contagious.

  3. Thanks everyone! When the wonderful coaches were starting CFWC they asked me to join. I kept saying I was too old and wouldn’t fit in. 5 + years later I am still here and definitely feel at home thanks to all of you:)