WOD 8/24/15


WOD 8/24/15


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10 rep max Back Squat then 2 sets at 90%

With the time remaining try to complete the following:

Without dropping it untill you complete the designated round of weights. 45/25 pound plates.

Reps for each round of weights โ€“ 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.

Bicep Curl (yes bicep curl)

Cossack Squat (the same lunge we use in lunge lunge pivot aka transverse lunge. Keep plate OFF the body)

Plate swing (Over the head just like a kettlebell)

Wood Choppers (from ankle to over opposite shoulder. So for 16 do 8 from right to left then 8 from left to right)

Front Lunge

Haloโ€™s (Around the head โ€“ Each way)

Bent Over Rows

Oblique Twists (Keeping plate OFF the body!)

Overhead High Knees

Shoulder Press