WOD 7/12/17


WOD 7/12/17

Press: 5-5-5

L-Sit: 3 x M.E.




For Time:


400m Run

40 Pistols, alt

30 Alt DB Snatches, 50/35

3 Legless Rope Climb


300m Run

30 Pistols, alt

20 Alt DB Snatches

2 Legless Rope Climb


200m Run

20 Pistols

10 Alt DB Snatches

1 Legless Rope Climb





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  1. Jerry

    Thanks for Glassman’s quote today it inspired me to come in and do the wod. I hate pistols and couldn’t rope climb but learned a good scale for pistols a found I I actually can climb a rope with a couple tips from Jenny.