WOD 4/14/14


WOD 4/14/14


20 Minute AMRAP

23 Deadlifts (155#/105#)
23 Handstand push-ups
23 Back squats (155#/105#) from the floor
23 Burpees
23 Ground-to-overhead (155#/105#)

Lauriel passed away on 4/2/14.  She was a fellow crossfitter, and a brave soul.



Read her story: http://www.kitsapcrossfit.com/2013/10/workout/monday-102113/



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  1. fancy 8.3

    When I read the WOD, my first thought was….”hmmmmm….maybe I will bail out on this one.” Then I read Lauriel’s story and knew I couldn’t skip it and live with myself. (There will, however, be scaling.)
    See you at 7:30.