WOD 2/18/13


WOD 2/18/13

1RM 20m Weighted Walk. This will be like the stimulus of a Yoke Walk. You’ll load a bar with weight on a rack, take the weight for a walk up the box and back to the rack.

4 Rounds of

6 Skin-the-cats

(RX Movement from a ring height that feet don’t touch, scale leverage i.e. str8 leg to tucks &/or ROM)

4 L-Pull-ups

Max Rep Handstand Touches

(RX movement is while holding a handstand support while facing the wall on one arm and bring the opposite arm up an touch your shoulder see video & article linked, scale by handstand progression with same movement)

“365lb 20m walk… I forget what time I got for the WOD, but it was bloody hard!!” – Sam the Australian 1/30/12

4 Responses

  1. nancy

    I was right in my earlier assessment. Skin the cat? How can something look so graceful sound so hideous ? If I dream tonight that I am shlepping heavy water buckets up the side of a mountain, I have the ” weighted walk” to thank.

    Good thing i am already hooked on your program or this WOD would have scared the bejesus out of me.