WOD 1/3/14


WOD 1/3/14


Back Squat: 8-8-8 (70-75%)


“Wacky Wiser Partner Friday”

Partner Mark Janus


Hang Power Clean, 135/95

Front Squat

Push Jerk


26689_124548450913757_1886594_nTeam CrossFit West Chester at Regional’s 2009


5 Responses

  1. Jenny B

    Did I ever tell you about the time Mark Janus forced Foose to wear a woman’s bikini? Well anyway, Mark Janus tears off his clothes and forces him to wear this skimpy bikini. For the next three months Foose had to conduct his business wearing only a woman’s bathing suit. He would cry from shame and question his manhood daily, but Ill be damned if at the end of the quarter his sales hadn’t tripled.

  2. Jenny B

    Did I ever tell you about the time Mark Janus and I went horseback riding, but there weren’t any horses around? Anyway, Mark Janus throws a saddle on my back and rides me around Wyoming for three days. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, my stamina increased with each day, and I develop tremendous leg muscles. So anyway, Mark Janus decides to enter me into the Breeders Cup under the name Turkish Delight. And Im running in second place, and I’m running, and I break my ankle. So anyway, they’re about to shoot me. Then someone from the crowd yells out, God bless her, Dont shoot her, she’s a human.

  3. Eggs N Steak

    So anyway, Mark Janus would put on a white tie and tails and walk his cobra through the park on a leash. He named the cobra Butler, and he taught it how to fetch and dial a phone. But then one day it bit the maid. So with tears in his eyes, Mark Janus had to shoot the maid.