WOD 1/27/14


WOD 1/27/14

Jenny & Ryan Oly meet Malver Prep

Congratulations to CFWC Coaches Jenny & Ryan.  Jenny Qualified for the USAW Nationals and was invited to train with the National Team. No big woop 🙂  Oh and Ryan won this cool melted frisbee…Nice job Ryan.

For time from CF Games competitor Lucas Parker

Power Snatch
Push Press
Power Clean
Back Squat
75 reps each movement 45/33 lbs.  6 Months or under scale to 50 reps each movement.

30 min cap.


10 Responses

  1. E.T.

    Little known fact: Lucas Parker is the only man to ever beat Chuck Norris in a fist fight; he then used Chuck Norris’ body as the weight to complete this WOD.

  2. T.E.

    Little known fact. Chuck Norris reanimated mid WOD, ate Lucas Parker whole, like a damned python, and sh*& him out during the making of Walker, Texas Ranger. True story.

  3. SteakFoose

    Lucas Parker is actually my first child. I had a brief visit to Canada when I was 18. I got drunk and a female lumberjack threw me over her shoulder and carried me back to her log cabin. I awoke in a den of hibernating bears. As to this day I’m unsure as to if young Lucas is a product of the burly but sweet female lumberjack or a large female grizzly…