WOD 1/25/13


WOD 1/25/13

A Partners version from the Competitors Prep Summit

Complete the following relay with a partner:

1 rope Climb

1 clean + 4 Walking lunges (135/95, 165/115, 195/135, 225/155)

1 clean + 4 Walking Lunges

8 Kb Snatches, 70/53

*Once each partner completes a round, increase bar weight

Our 7:30am beginners member, Liz has undergone brain surgery to remove a tumor. Her surgery was a success and is currently in the beginning phase of recovery. There is a card at the box sitting at the front desk to sign. We would like to get this to her in the next couple of days.


2 Responses

  1. 27 staples in my head… Do I sense a “27-themed” WOD sometime soon? Home recuperating 4-6 weeks, will keep you updated. So glad Crossfit got me ready for this unexpected adventure. Miss you guys.