WOD 1/16/13


WOD 1/16/13

7 Min EMOM: Snatch grip deadlift + Hang Power Snatch + OHS, heavy



Power Snatch, 115/85

Burpees, (both hands must touch an object about 2-3″ above highest reach. Use rings or pullup bar)

Cash Out: 3 Rope Climbs

Need a lift? 

(Above: Fancy Nancy and Pineapple on partner Friday)







13 Responses

  1. OSHA regulator

    Sorry if this sounds bitchy but, there were several people who put ab mats back last night full of gross sweat. There are wipes & spray on top shelf where the mats are located. Please wipe your stuff down. Thanks!

  2. Cleaning staff Director

    Thanks for your concern and the heads up. All ab mats were disinfected this morning. In addition , all equipment is disinfected on a regular basis + a professional cleaning company comes in every week.

  3. jenny b

    all true, cleaning staff director, but people have to clean off their own sh*&!! Guys, if you sweat or bleed or spit, clean it up!!

  4. I had this page bookmarked a while in the past but my PC crashed. I have since gotten a new one and then it took me a while to come across this! I also actually like the design though.