WOD 1/13/14


WOD 1/13/14



3 Rounds for time.
20 Barbell Rows
30 Barbell Floor Presses
40 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
50 Back Squats
Rest 3 min…repeat 115/75 lbs


This is a take on the CrossFit Main Site Benchmark WOD “Barbara”  it is a body-weight workout with 5 rounds of 20 Pull-ups, 30 Push-ups, 40 sit-ups and 50 Air Squats.  If you’ve never done Barbara I would suggest just giving that a shot and see how far you get in the 30 min.  Wiser’s scaling suggestion was to use weight except for the back squats.  I feel both are good options ask you class coach which they want you to do.  I originally posted 5 rounds for this barbell version but attempted it at the 9:30 class finishing my 4th round into the 54 min mark.  Good Luck which ever version you try – Foose

5 Responses

  1. T.O.

    Foosey-pants! Great wod – the squats destroyed me… back and legs are roasted! Barbarella is one mean b*$ch!

  2. jenny

    Tom, did you finish it??? We’re capping it, most people may get through 3 rounds. That’s all we want people to get through. Too many squats.