WOD 11/2/12


WOD 11/2/12

Partner Friday:

3 Min of Max rope climbs:


10 min Bear Complex, 155/105

Burpee over bar (ladder)

*Ex: partners will alternate after each bear complex and burpees.


3 Min of Max rope climbs

Notes: This workout has 3 sections but will be timed as one 16 min workout. Post total rope climbs and the highest rep scheme of burpees you and your partner get up to.

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  1. Jenny b

    Yay!! Go Naked Mike!!! You’ll always be Naked Mike to me. I agree with all that your current coach has said about you. It was great to have you at CFWC, and now I wish you all the best at CWCF! Also, I like that you used the word ‘imbued’ in your article :). I hope to see you soon.