WOD 10/21/13


WOD 10/21/13

Rally in the Valley Master'sSouth Mountain CrossFit’s Rally in the Valley 2013

Master’s Men reppin the Dub-C Ninja Turtle, Steak&Eggs, Slim Shady and Steakfoose

Congrats to all for their great performances including:  Maria and Bob’s first comp and new Clean PR’s, Maria wod WOD 1 of her division, Buttercup Hang Squat cleaning 255! and more than I can remember (gimme a break I did 4 WOD’s today)

3 rounds of Max Effort Handstand Push-ups  rest 1:3 this means rest 3x the amount of time it takes you to do the set


From Rally in the Valley 2013 Championship WOD

In 10 minutes

150 Double-Unders cash-in

Then ascending ladder of Kettlebell swing 70/53 & Bar Muscle-ups

1 swing then 1 BMU, 2 swings then 2 BMU’s etc…scale Bar muscle-ups to chest to bar pull-ups and double unders to 450 singles

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