Competition/Skill WOD Week 18


Competition/Skill WOD Week 18


5x 400m Sprint at RPE 9 Rest 2 Minutes between each


-10 Minutes HS Practice, walk, static, obstacle, against wall, up to your skill level

-3 x 45sec Hollow Body Handstand hold against wall, absolutely no arch, chin to chest

-5x Peg Board ascents and descents as fast as possible, rest as needed

-3x ME Strict Deficit HSPU 2×45’s men and 2×35’s women.  If new to strict, accumulate 30 strict hspu, no deficit

-Gymnastics Complex Work: For 15 minutes try to perfect the complex: 1 Ring pullup+2 toes through rings +3 ring muscle ups, unbroken

No Muscle ups yet?

Ring Work: 3×5 false grip strict ring pullups to chest, 3×10 ring dips with 2 second pause at bottom, 3×10 low ring banded muscle ups

Bar Muscle up 3×5 kip to hip

Extra WOD:

For Time

50 Burpee DBall over Shoulder, alt shoulders 100lbs (please use blue mat.  Do not drop D ball onto ground.  It will break)


3 Rounds

30/25 Cal Assault Bike

20 C2b pullups

10 S2OH 185/133