2019 Partner Comp


2019 Partner Comp

  New Year Novice Partner Comp
Sat, February 9, 2019
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST


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CrossFit West Chester is hosting the 4th Annual New Year Novice Partner Throwdown (same gender). This year we are offering a Beginner and an Intermediate division!

This is a fun competition designed for CrossFitters who are looking for more experience in a competition setting. There will be 20 F/F and 20 M/M teams per division with 3 workouts and a final WOD (top 5 teams).


There will be prizes for top 3 teams with a cash prize for 1st place.


All ages are welcome. Please answer all prompted questions at registration, including team name and t shirt sizes. Workouts are posted below, all standards will be released prior to competition, but expect usual standards. .


WOD 1- Hang Man

For time:

2000m Row while other partner hangs from pullup bar. Must switch rower when partner drops from pullup bar

WOD 2-Max Out

6 Minutes to move as much weight as possible from Ground to OH (can snatch, clean and jerk, etc). Score equals amount of reps X weight

Choose from:

185/133, 135/93, 115/73, 95/53

Partners may switch whenever, both must use the same weight


WOD 3- N’Sync- 13 Minute as many reps as possible


Synchronized Thrusters Intermediate 95/63 Beginner 75/35

Synch Burpee over Bar


With remaining time: Max Pullups or Bar Muscle Ups (Beginner Ring row or Pullup)

Pullups=1 point

Bar Muscle Ups=3 points


Final WOD- Top 5 teams from each division

Will be announced day of competition

We Hope to see you there!