800, 600, 400, 200, 800, 600, 400, 200 Rest 1:1, RPE at 7

Skill WOW:

10 Minutes HS walk practice

-3 x 45 sec Hollow Body Handstand hold against wall, absolutely no arch, chin to chest

-EMOM 5 Minutes 5 Strict Pullups AND 5 Strict HSPU (both every minute)

-Tabata Toes to Bar x 8 rounds

-20x False Grip Ring Pullup to chest with 3 second hold at chest

-10 Rope Climbs to 18′ in fewest pulls possible per climb. Rest as needed in between to ensure fewest pulls

-400m Overhead Waiters Carry, as unbroken as possible 53s/35s

No Muscle ups yet?

Ring Work: 3×5 false grip strict ring pullups to chest, 3×10 ring dips with 2 second pause at bottom, 3×10 low ring banded muscle ups

Bar Muscle up 3×5 kip to hip

Extra WOD:


150 Wall Balls for Time (women to 9 feet) Fastest Unbroken Karen time every 4:20

Immediately followed by

3 Rounds

30/20 Cal Bike

10 Sandbag Over Shoulder 150/100

AND…to be done on a different day:

AMRAP 15 Minutes

5 Ring Muscle Ups

5 Snatch (Squat) 155/113

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