WOD 8/13/14


WOD 8/13/14

7 Min EMOM

Snatch start (Knee) + Snatch Pull (from ground) + Full Snatch (from ground)


For Time:

Cash In: 400m Run

3 Rounds:

30 Walking Lunges, 45lb/25lb

15 C2B Pullups


Cash Out: 400m Run

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1 Response

  1. fancy 8.3

    I showed this morning sleep-deprived and a murderous rage over a recent injustice ( personal, not political) …..I needed to get my head in a different place and stop thinking….The WOD was just what the doctor ordered even though doing it was not pleasurable. Even my unquiet mind feels a little better now. Thanks, as always , CFWC.