WOD 7/26/13


WOD 7/26/13

Turkish Getup: Establish 1RM in 12 minutes


With A Partner, complete the following task:

21 Turkish Get-ups, R Arm (53/35)

21 Turkish Getups, L Arm

200m Firemans carry

42 Pistols, R Leg

42 Pistols, L Leg

200m Firemans carry

63 KB OHS, R Arm

63 KB OHS, L Arm

200m Firemans carry


Next Saturday Aug 3rd, we are celebrating CrossFit West Chester’s 4 year anniversary! Please join us at 10am for a Team WOD followed by a pig roast, fun and games. There will be a sign up sheet at the front desk for bringing sides. We Hope everyone can make it!

1st box 2

Above: August 2009 at our 1st Open House