WOD 4/7/14


WOD 4/7/14


Happy Birthday LaFrance!

Move 10,000 Pounds / Beginners Move 7500 pounds For time

Pick a weight.  Pick one of each type of lift (Pull, Press then Squat). Move it till it equals 10,000 Pounds by cycling through 1 of each movement)

For example You could pick 135 pounds and need to Pull it deadlift, snatch, clean.  Then press-strict, push, jerk or floor press.  Then squat the weight  for 74 reps.  Yes you can switch movements but you must cycle throught the movements of Pull then Press then Squat.


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  1. fancy 8.3

    I used to like deadlifts until today.

    If you crave more action, come and help unload 1000 pounds of clay tomorrow.Twenty 50 pound boxes, and no squatting.