WOD 3/10/13


WOD 3/10/13

9am: Yoga  (no open gym during this hour)

10am: CrossFit Games Open 13.1First & Only heat at 10:30am start time

11am: Endurance

2 Rounds of:

2 Minutes of “Push”

1 Min Hollow Body Rocks

2 Min Rest

2 Min “Pull”

1 Min Superman Rocks

2 Min Rest

*Must go through all of these in any order

*Push: Pistol Squats, Ring Pushups, Pushups, Turkish Getups (53/35),

*Pull: Rowing(cal), Pull-ups, KB Swings (53/35)

Post total number of reps completed

576207_10100391717247608_1638905188_nLight Weight!

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