WOD 2/6/19


WOD 2/6/19

RDL: 3 x 5

L-Sit: 3 x M.E. (Try all 3 versions)




For Time

21 OHS, 95/63

21 Burpees Over Bar

15 OHS, 115/73

15  Burpee Hurdle Jump, 24″/20″

9 OHS, 135/83

9 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″/20″



Congratulations to Govind who is our Motivational Member of the Month! Govind Sat down with @coachfoose back in the fall to dial in on his nutrition. Since that Nutrition Tune-Up, Govind has lost 25lbs and 10+ % body Fat! Light bulb moment: “I have been pretty regular at Cfwc for a little over 3 years but weight had remained around that 200 mark, then I gained like 6 pounds in just a week. Wanted to end it”. Hardest part: “Giving up drinking, I do have an occasional beer but that’s about all. This has been the case since I spoke to Steve. Intermittent fasting, was another one. In the end, it was all about sticking to a plan, that’s all. yes it was horrible for about 2 weeks. Beyond that it was not that bad”.