WOD 12/24/13


WOD 12/24/13

CFWC will be open for a 6am, 7:30am, 9:30am and 12 noon.  We will be closed tomorrow.

12 Days of Crossfit West Chester

Completed like the song, coaches will scale accordingly

One Muscle Up

Two Heavy Thrusters 135/95 and one muscle up

Three Handstand Pushups, 2 heavy thrusters and one muscle up

Four Kettle Bell Swings 53/36, 3 hspu, 2 heavy thrusters….

Five Golden Ring pullups, 4 kb swings, 3 hspu….

Six Knees to elbows, 5 golden ring pullups, 4 kb swings….

Seven burpee tuck jumps, 6 knees to elbows….

Eight Box Jumps, 7 burpee tuck jumps, 6 knees to elbows….

Nine Sit ups, 8 box jumps, 7 burpee tuck jumps….

Ten KB Snatches 53/36, 9 sit ups, 8 box jumps….

Eleven Wall Balls, Ten kb snatches, 9 situps…..

Twelve SDHP KB 53/36, Eleven wall balls, Ten KB snatches……



6am Ugly Sweater WOD