WOD 11/14/13


WOD 11/14/13

Front Squat


5 Rounds*
21 SumoDeadlift Highpull (95/65)
21 Double Unders

*18 Min timecap.

7:30 Strength Class

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6am Split Lunge Action

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  1. Jim

    HA. This is from google plus. all my photos get backed up to G+ automatically. It does cool stuff sometimes with them all byitself and the help of the NSA of course.. If you take a lot in order it can tell and makes an animated gif for you. As see above.

  2. fancy 8.3

    Glad you did not film the 7:30 class!. My legs turned to cinderblocks after the first 10 reps . It was very humbling.( but so is most of what we do!)