WOD 10/30/14


WOD 10/30/14

Hang Clean


15 Min Amrap:
10 Kettle Bell Swing (2pood/1.5pood)
10 Hang Power Clean (115/80)
10 Box Jump (24/20)

Post Loads and Times to Comments:

HALLOWEEN WOD @ 6:30 PM – Costume Required.  

costume winners

Our 2013 Halloween Costume Winners!. Come out and have some Halloween fun at the 6:30PM Class. 

2 Responses

  1. fancy 8.3

    Is the Halloween WOD going to be the same workout as what is posted for the rest of the day? It’s a little tricky to come up with costume i can run around it…..
    still thinking about it, though…….

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