WBPF 1/10/20


WBPF 1/10/20

WBPF- In Any Order, no break between

AMRAP 12 Minutes Relay Style

20 KB Suitcase Deadlifts 70’s/53’s

100′ Farmer’s Carry

100′ Front Rack Carry

*Partner Ski for Calories*

AMRAP 12 Minutes

20 Alt Sandbag Over Shoulder 100/75

30 Alt Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

40/40 Double Under Relay

AMRAP 12 Minutes

Max Cal Bike, switch every minute

*Partner Plate Pinch Hold 35s/25s*

Selena with winners of the P3 meal giveaway, Sam, Alyssa, Megan and Tater Tot