Super Summer Total


Super Summer Total

Saturday, June 8 2019


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The Super Summer Total Team Competition is coming to CrossFit West Chester Saturday June 8th, 2019! This is a same gender team of 3 (Male/Male/Male or Female/Female/Female) consisting of 3 major strength movements and 3 mini floater workouts.

3 Major Strength Movements:

1 Rep Max Back Squat

1 Rep Max Clean

1 Rep Max Bench Press
Teams will rotate through each lifting station together in the allotted time frame (TBA). The athletes starting point will be random, meaning each team will lift at a different station and time throughout the day. Athletes will be given up to three attempts per person for each movement. Top Male Team and Top Female Team will receive a cash prize.

3 Mini Floater WODS : TBA

The floater workouts will be announced closer to the date of competition. Each team will have designated time for each floater WOD throughout the day. Scores will count toward an overall score.

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