NEXT EVENT: Olympic Lifting Nationals Fundraiser


NEXT EVENT: Olympic Lifting Nationals Fundraiser

DATE: Saturday June 28th 

TIME: 10am – 2pm

A Fundraiser to help take Jenny, Nikki, Kim, Emily and their Coach Ryan to Salt Lake City for USA Weightlifting Nationals!

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We will have 2 groups lifting next Saturday. To make sure everything runs smoothly and timely, there will be 15 available spots in each group. If there is more demand, we will open more spots up.

Group 1: snatch @ 10am – 11am
Group 1: C & J @ 11am – 12noon
Group 2: snatch @ 12noon – 1pm
Group 2: C & J @ 1pm – 2pm

Sign up spots are available on Zen Planner. This will be run like a Olympic lifting meet but have a more relaxes feel.
* Weight will be in lbs, not KG’s.
* You will check in when you arrive with your starting weight.
* Each lifter has 3 attempts for snatch & C&j
* singlets are not required unless you want to wear one.
* please arrive early to warm up

Food: please feel free to bring your favorite sides!

Come cheer on your fellow lifters!