Competition/Skill WOD Week 9


Competition/Skill WOD Week 9


1200m Run, 800m Run, 600m Run, 400m Run, 200m Run

Rest 2 Minutes between each, RPE 7-8

Skill WOW:

10 Minutes HS walk practice, add obstacles if advanced

3×45 sec hollow body handstand hold against wall.  No arch, chin tucked

15-20 toe to bar into ring muscle up, rest as needed between reps

3 ME  unbroken bar muscle ups (if no bar muscle up yet, 3×5 kip to hip), rest as needed between sets

30 Deficit HSPU as unbroken as possible

6x Pegboard ascents


New Triathlon

1 mile Ski Erg

1.5 mile Assault Bike

2 mile Run