Competition/Skill WOD Week 5


Competition/Skill WOD Week 5


3x800m Run with 400m Walk Recovery

3x1000m Bike with 1:1 Rest Recovery

Skill WOW

10 Minutes Handstand Walk Practice
Tabata Toes to Bar
Tabata Chest to bar
*alternating rounds of each movement for 8 rounds*
Work on perfect hollow body for each

5 rounds as many strict ring muscle ups then +2 kipping. Rest as needed to keep rounds as even as possible. If no strict ring muscle up yet, use rings on pullups bars and set them up high and do very strict banded ring muscle ups with lightest band possible for sets of 3, then move to high rings for kipping.


Extra Conditioning:

EOMOM 12 Minutes

15/12  Cal Row

12 Burpees