Competition/Skill WOD Week 10


Competition/Skill WOD Week 10


20 Minute Run, Fartlek Style (400m at 80%, followed by 200m at 50%) or if no way to calculate distance, 1:20 at 80%, 0:30 at 50%

Skill WOW:

10 Minutes HS walk practice, add HS walk maze if proficient

3×45 sec hollow body handstand hold against wall.  No arch, chin tucked

10 minutes Freestanding HSPU practice

10 Minutes triple under practice

No Muscle ups yet?

Ring Work: 3×5 false grip strict ring pullups to chest, 3×10 ring dips with 2 second pause at bottom, 3×10 low ring banded muscle ups

Bar Muscle up 3×5 kip to hip

Extra WODs

AFAP- All out sprints, 3 minute rest between sprints

50/40 cal Assault Bike

40/30 Cal Assault Bike

30/20 Cal Assault Bike


3 Rounds

5 Snatch (full depth) 165/113

10 Ring Muscle Ups

15 D Ball over shoulder 150/100lbs (please drop ball onto blue mat)

1 Peg Board Ascent