Competition Alert! 2 Girls, 1 Hero at CFWC 6/13/20!


Competition Alert! 2 Girls, 1 Hero at CFWC 6/13/20!

Join us for a classic, old school individual Crossfit competition! No frills, this will be two classic Crossfit named “Girl” workouts, and 1 classic named “Hero” workout. Divisions will be Beginner, Scaled, RX and Masters 55+. To be considered RX, please assure that you can do all classic “girl” and “hero” wods RX’d, including pullups, chest to bar pullups, and muscle ups. Beginner is for those with fewer than 2 years of Crossfit experience under their belt. WODs are announced below to ensure that you choose the proper division. There will be a final “Girl” for top 5 in each division!


WOD 1- Girl 1

Linda-3 Bars of Death (17 minute cap)


Deadlift (RX 275/183) (Scaled and 55+
225/153) (Beginner 185/123)

Bench Press (RX 185/113) (Scaled and 55+ 155/93) (Beginner 115/63)

Power Clean (RX 145/105) (Scaled and 55+ 115/73) (Beginner 95/53)

WOD 2- Girl 2

Karen-150 Wall Balls for Time (10 minute cap)

RX: Men 20lbs to 10′ Target, Women 14lbs to 9′ Target

Scaled: and 55+ Men 20 lbs to 9′ Target, Women 14lbs to 8′ Target

Beginners: Men 14lb ball to 9′ Target, Women 10lb ball to 8′ Target

*Scaled, 55+ and Beginners will sit on a medicine ball target to ensure depth*

WOD 3-The Hero

Ashley White

5 Rounds for Time (20 minute cap)

3 Rope Climbs 15′ (RX rope climbs) (Scaled and 55+,15 pullups) (Beginners 15 Ring Rows)

10 Toes to Bar (RX toes to bar) (Scaled and 55+ Knees to Elbows), (Beginners Sit Ups)

21 OH Lunges with Plate (RX 45/25) (Scaled and 55+ 25/10), (Beginners hold plate any way 25/10)

400m Run (All divisions run 400m)

Final WOD- Top 5 in each division

To be announced day of competition. RX will have muscle ups