Beginners On-Ramp

  • 1-on-1 Training for Beginners in West Chester PA, 1-on-1 Training for Beginners near Downingtown PA, 1-on-1 Training for Beginners near Glen Mills PA, 1-on-1 Training for Beginners near Malvern PA

Our Beginners Program will set you up for long term success and accountability. We offer two options; 1 on 1 private coaching or our 6 Week Group Challenge.

Private 1 on 1 On-Ramp

Our 1 on 1 private on-ramp is recommended for people who want extra attention, need specific days and times, or want a more individualized experience. Students will be able to move into group classes with greater confidence and more success after working 1 on 1.

6 Week Group Challenge

The Group Challenge is a 6 Week (18 classes) program to learn the foundations of Crossfit and Nutrition. Learn how to eat healthy, and exercise safely with the CrossFit methodology. Students will be able to transition into a group CrossFit class membership and On-Going Nutrition after the completion of the 6 week program.

6 Week Beginner Challenge

Our 6 Week Beginner Challenge is a great way to get off the couch and into Crossfit. Get back in shape with intense workouts while learning the fundamentals of CrossFit led by one of our CrossFit certified coaches. Our 6 week program (3 classes per week) is geared towards the beginner fitness enthusiast who is looking to change their life with our amazing coaches and community. You will gain self confidence, physical and mental strength, learn how to eat healthier, and make new friends along the way. Everyone who completes the 6 week challenge will be fitter, healthier and ready to come into our group class membership.

Cost: $499
What is included:

-18 Small Group Workout Classes
-Nutrition Guidance
-Goal Setting and Body Composition measurements
-Education on the CrossFit methodology

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