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The West Chester Barbell Club is headed by USAW Coach/Nationally ranked Olympic level lifter, Jennifer Butler.The WCBC Barbell club offers many membership options depending on the individuals needs.


Jennifer Butler
Amie Maguire
TJ Pongia


*Open Gym – access to the barbell club area from open to close gym hours

*Office Hours – Level 2 and Level 3 memberships have access to eyes on attention from all of our highly qualified coaches to help with technique

*Team Progamming – Level 2 memberships get access to our generalized team programming. This is perfect for beginner level lifters.

*Individulized Programming – Level 3 membership get individulized programming from the coach of your choice. Putting more focus on weaknesses and dialing in on the specfics can be a game changer for each athlete.


Level 1 Membership: $100/Month (open gym)

Level 2 Membership: $150/Month (Team Programming, Open Gym, Office Hours)

Level 3 Membership: $225/Month (Individual Progamming, Open Gym, Office hours)

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