50+ Legends

  • Fitness Training for Individuals 50+ in West Chester PA, Fitness Training for Individuals 50+ near Downingtown PA, Fitness Training for Individuals 50+ near Glen Mills PA, Fitness Training for Individuals 50+ near Malvern PA

Legends Class:
M-W-F 10:30am / Tues & Thur 6:30pm / Sat 10am

Everyone should be able to live the life they want and not be hindered by chronic disease or immobility. Our legends class is designed for anyone 55 years old or older wanting to maintain the highest quality of life and reduce their dependance on others.

A class specifically designed for our mature athletes 50 years and older. This slower moving class is designed for the older athlete to improve strength and conditioning so that we can stay functional later in life when it’s most important.

  • 3 day a week class designed for people 50 years and older
  • Hands-on instruction
  • $99/month + tax No Contracts

Our Legends program is designed to improve your overall health and help you become stronger and faster, but more importantly, it’s all about fun, vitality, community, and long-term health and function. We are looking to add vigor to your life and help you do the things you want to do.

We use functional movements and teach you how to move properly. You’ll learn how to stand up and sit down using the correct muscles. We’ll teach you how to brace your core when picking something up. We’ll safely elevate your heart rate to improve your cardiovascular system. And you’ll have a good time.

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