Steve Wakefoose


CrossFit Level 1 Certified
Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified
Crossfit KIDS Certified
CPR/First Aid Instructor with American Heart Association

Tae Kwon-Do Fourth-Degree Black Belt
NRA Law Enforcement and Civilian Certified Instructor
Level 1 S.P.E.A.R. & Personal Defense Readiness Coach
Advanced Certifications in Ground Fighting & Weapons Protection
Member of AWSDA, Association for Woman’s Self Defense Advancement

Steve is a life-long resident of Chester County and a Correctional Officer. He has been a member of his agency’s tactical team for eight years and currently serves as a staff instructor for them. Steve is also certified to instruct other members of law enforcement in a variety of skill sets. His love of training and need for physical fitness led him to CrossFit. “I was constantly evaluating my work out programming, and as I dug deeper and deeper for the Holy Grail in work outs, all roads led to CrossFit.”
The LE/Mil community understands how fitness levels affect performance in regard to survival which is why Mil branches and LE departments are adopting the CF methodology in their PT programs. “I’ve always enjoyed ‘working out’ and briefly competed in wrestling in my youth, but my high school years found me diagnosed with thyroid disease. I was literally shrinking away during a time when self image was at its height of importance in adolescent social circles. During that time I was drastically trying to change my appearance through exercise which led me on a life long journey of health and fitness. I’ve tried to help people along the way to realize their exercise goals. CrossFit has given me the tools to offer the best exercise programming there is, let’s see what we can accomplish together!”