Kevin Coombe

Crossfit Level 1

Kevin first started Crossfiting in 2010. At the time he was racing for a local mountain bike team. He was looking for an alternative workout for the off season or when the weather turned too bad. He wanted something to mirror his training rides. ” I needed a workout that was intense, competitive , and in a group setting.” He knew from past experience that this was the best path to peak physical fitness. That”s when a friend told him about Crossfit.

It only took one WOD , a Fight Gone Bad, for Kevin to be hooked. “I knew as I eked out those last few calorie rows I found what I was looking for. After a few months of Crossfit he knew he wanted to help other achieve through crossfit.

Kevin first caught the coaching bug coaching his kids teams. Kevin has coached hockey ,football, and lacrosse. He always believed the multi-sport approach builds the better athlete. He has a passion for helping people meet and exceed their goals.

Although time restraints of a family has limited Kevin’s mountain bike racing , he still enjoys his weekly rides. He still finds plenty of time for Crossfit. ” Crossfit gives the oppurtunity to get a workout in, stay in great physical shape and still have time to spend with my family.” Kevin also enjoys camping, fishing and spending weekends at the Jershey Shore.