Kenny Woods

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Heartsaver CPR and AED Certified

For as long as Kenny can remember he has been drawn to athletics and competition. While he took part in all sorts of sports and activates growing up the only sport he stuck with throughout high school was track. Like many, following high school his athletic endeavors became fewer and fewer. After college and looking to get back into shape Kenny got back into weight training and would spend hours a day at the local gym doing the typical ”body building” routines day after day. As luck would have it, his interest in weight lifting would be responsible for bringing CrossFit into his life.
As he was reading about better ways to blast his bi’s/tri’s he came across an article entitled “CrossFit Training-the hardest workout ever?” Always looking for different tools to use in his workouts, he decided to give this CrossFit thing a try. All it took was one workout and he was convinced. Since finding CrossFit he could not imagine going back to the old routines and “wasting” countless hours in the gym. It has only been through CrossFit that Kenny has found a way to really tap into his inner drive and develop the mental toughness to push him physically to places he never imagined. Kenny is happier, healthier, better conditioned, physically and mentally stronger, and ready for any challenge life might throw his way. CrossFit has been such a positive force in his life and he loves helping others achieve similar successes.  Kenny has qualified for and competed at the Crossfit Regionals as a member of Crossfit West Chester’s team for 4 years.