Our On-Ramp Program is a proven system to get any student prepared for a CrossFit Class setting.  This program is 1 on 1 private coaching.


To graduate the On-Ramp program, each student must be able to demonstrate  competency in both our bench mark functional movements patterns and conditioning work outputs.  Most individuals need between 10-20 Sessions to accomplish this.  At the completion of this program, students will have a high level of understanding in gymnastics, strength training, Olympic lifting and nutrition.


It is recommended that students be able to train 3x/week in order for our coaches to be able to do their job correctly and for the student to see proper progression.


Included in the On-ramp process is nutritional guidance along with body composition analysis.


Students will be able to move into group classes with greater confidence and more success after graduating our On-Ramp Program.




On-Ramp Sessions: $75/sesson


*Student Rates: $65/session

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