Our On-Ramp Program is a proven system to get any student prepared for a CrossFit Class setting.

We offer two options; 1 on 1 private coaching or Group classes that run periodically.



Group On-Ramp:

The Group on Ramp is a 6 Week (18 classes) program to learn the foundations of the Crossfit Methodology in a group setting. This program will provide a baseline in nutrition, metabolic conditioning, strength training, and mobility. Students will be able to transition into a group CrossFit class membership after the completion of the 6 week program.


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E-mail us at admin@crossfitwc.com or call 888-338-9366


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Private 1 on 1 On-Ramp:

Our 1 on 1 private on-ramp is recommended for people who want extra attention, need specific days and times, or wants a more individualized experience. Included in the On-ramp process is nutritional guidance along with body composition analysis. Students will be able to move into group classes with greater confidence and more success after working 1 on 1 with a coach of their choice. Prices for private training range between $75-$85/session depending on your trainer.


E-mail us at admin@crossfitwc.com or call 888-338-9366 to set up your FREE introductory session

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