Our CrossFit classes are the core programming at CrossFit West Chester.   Each day offers a different WOD or work out of the day.  Classes run multiple times a day but every class will perform that same work out.


A typical class may consist of a dynamic warmup, a learning or practice session, the work out of the day and a cool down or mobility portion.   Each class runs approximately 1 hour.   There is one head coach in each class, but most may offer one or two extra coaches for additional assistance.


Each work out of the day will offer one or a combination of different movements from  gymnastics, Olympic lifting, cardiovascular conditioning, or weight lifting.  Every workout is scalable and our coaches will find a movement, weight and time limit that works best for every client.   We offer beginner classes as well as more advanced classes for those interested in CrossFit competition.


Each Crossfit class is taught by seasoned Crossfit and or Olympic Lifting Coaches with multiple certifications and years of experience in the field of Sport and Exercise Science.

917 Old Fern Hill Rd West Chester PA 19380